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CATH Group

Dr. Alison Cuff, Dr. Ian Sillitoe, Mr. Tony Lewis, Dr. Oliver Redfern, Dr. Andrew Clegg, Dr. Frances M.G. Pearl

Contributors to the CATH Version 3.2.0 Release

Mr. Benoit Dessailly, Dr. David Lee, Dr. Jon Lees, Mr. Adam Reid, Miss Rebecca Tronnberg, Miss Rupa Patel, Mrs Kathryn Garner, Miss Jun Yan, Dr. Corin Yeats, Prof. Janet Thornton, Prof. Christine A. Orengo.

Past Members/Contributors

Prof. Willie Taylor, Prof. David T. Jones, Dr. James E. Bray, Dr. Adrian J. Shepherd, Dr. Daniel W. A. Buchan, Dr. Annabel E. Todd, Dr. Gabrielle A. Reeves, Dr. Andrew Harrison, Mr. Adrian Akpor, Dr. Chris Bennett, Dr. Rekha Nambudiry, Dr. Azara Janmohamed, Dr. Janet Moloney, Dr. Kanchan Phadwal, Ms. Elisabeth Rideal, Dr. Lesley Greene, Dr. Mark Dibley

CATH Advisory Board

Prof. Roderick Hubbard, Prof. David Jones, Dr Robert Gill, Dr Chris Rawlings, Dr Simon Hubbard, Prof. Janet Thornton


We thank the following funding bodies for their financial support:

  • Wellcome Trust