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 +====== Beta Bulges =======
 +Beta bulges are regions of irregularity in a [[glossary:beta_sheet | beta sheet]], where the
 +normal pattern of [[glossary:hydrogen_bond | hydrogen bonding]] is disrupted, e.g. by the insertion of
 +an extra residue. A bulge usually involves two or more residues in
 +the bulged [[glossary:beta_strand | strand]], opposite a single residue in the adjacent strand.
 +These irregularities have been identified and classified
 +automatically. In all, five types of beta-bulge were identified:
 +classic, G1, wide, bent and special. Bulges were found to occur
 +frequently in proteins, on average more than two bulges per protein.
 +In general, beta-bulges produce two main
 +changes in the structure of a beta sheet: (i)disruption of the normal alternation
 +of side-chain direction (ii) accentuation of the twist of the sheet, altering
 +the direction of the surrounding strands.
 +===== References =====