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 +====== Crossover =======
 +This is a term used to describe one possible type of backbone connection observed between
 +[[glossary:beta_strand |beta strands]] in which the chain loops around to re-enter the sheet on the opposite end. For [[glossary:beta_sheet | beta sheet]] connectivity, cross over connections are denoted by nx,
 +where n denotes how many strands it moves over in the sheet and in which direction.
 ++1x denotes a crossover connection between nearest neighbours, +2x
 +denotes a crossover connection that misses one intervening strand in the sheet, and so on. The term
 +'crossover' has also been extended to include crossover loops which connect two sequential [[glossary:alpha_helix | alpha helices]]
 +that lie parallel in three dimensions.
 +The example shown is a transferase (CATH domain ID 1rwiA00)).
 +===== References =====