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 +====== Four Helix Bundle =======
 +Four [[glossary:alpha_helix | helix]] bundles are a common structural [[glossary:motif | motif]] or architecture
 +that has been extensively documented. They can be observed both independently and as components of larger folding units. The motif comprises four helices
 +packed together in a variety of different ways, forming a hydrophobic core. In the most common
 +bundles, the helices that are adjacent in the amino acid sequence are also adjacent in the
 +three dimensional structure, forming the so-called up-down-up-down four helix bundle.
 +The side chains of each helix in the bundle are arranged
 +such that the hydrophobic side chains are buried between the helices and the hydrophilic
 +side chains are exposed on the surface of the bundle.
 +The example shown is a transferase (CATH domain ID 1tqgA00).
 +===== References =====