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 ====== Glossary ====== ====== Glossary ======
-Here is a list of useful terms and definitions in CATH and general structural biology.+Here is a list of terms and definitions for CATH and structural biology in general.
-Please click on the item of interest to get further information. This glossary will continue to grow as more terms and definitions are added.+Click on the item of interest to get further information.
-==== Alpha Helix ====+===== Alpha Helix =====
-==== Beta Sheet ====+===== Beta Sheet =====
-==== Mixed Structure ====+===== Mixed Structure =====
-==== Other Related Terms ==== 
-{{topic>classification&notags&desc}} +===== Structural Terms ===== 
-{{topic>structure&notags&desc}} + 
 +===== Classification Terms ===== 
 +===== Other Miscellaneous Terms =====