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 +====== Ramachandran Plot =======
 +This is a diagram of the sterically allowed regions for a dipeptide unit in phi,psi
 +space. The conformation of the dipepetide is defined by 2 dihedral angles:
 +phi (the angle of rotation around the N-C-alpha bond in a peptide unit),
 +and psi (the angle of rotation around the
 +C-alpha-C' bond in a peptide unit). The plot indicates whether a given phi,psi
 +conformation is sterically allowed. A conformation is not allowed if atoms
 +approach closer than the sum of their van der Waals radii. The diagram is named
 +after G.N Ramachandran, who was the first to make calculations of the allowed regions
 +in protein structures. 
 +===== References =====